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LGBT representatives join broad alliance with Trade Unions, MPs and Faith
communities and Black community leaders to oppose the rise in fascism

The Unite Against Fascism National Conference this Saturday “Act now the Stop
the fascist BNP” will see representatives from Stonewall, Imaan - the LGBT
Muslim Support group, NUS LGBT Campaign and the Lesbian and Gay Coalition
Against Racism highlighting the BNP’s homophobia and raising awareness about
the threat it poses to the LGBT community. MORE

Ken Livingstone’s record of support for lesbian and gay rights

A number of people have written an open letter accusing Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, of having ‘offered few concrete policies to support’ lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Londoners and describing the Greater London Authority’s work on LGBT issues as a ‘pattern of neglect’. We disagree. Ken Livingstone’s record of support for lesbian and gay rights for more than 3 decades has been exemplary. MORE

Asylum rights must be respected

The latest attempt to clamp down on asylum rights has been a combination of proposals in Parliament as part of the fifth piece of legislation in the last eleven years. MORE

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Unite to stop the BNP

Whilst the cutting edge of the BNP advance is racism the BNP also targets the lesbian and gay community MORE

The BNP’s politics of homophobia

The BNP on AIDS: ‘Nature is at last taking revenge against the nauseating proliferation of homosexuality’ MORE

Equality Now

The Discrimination Law Review — set up over two years ago to look how anti-discrimination law could be made more effective — has just published its overdue Green Paper, which has been met with dismay by equality campaigners. MORE

Unity against homophobia and Islamophobia

LAGCAR works with the lesbian and gay comm-unity to promote a broad alliance to defeat the far right and racism. MORE

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An alliance with all those who face the threat of the far right

Statement of LGBT organisations supporting the principle that unity against fascism can only be effective by working with all those who face the threat of the far right. MORE

Fighting Islamophobia and discrimination

On 5 June, the Safra conference on ‘Strategies for Empowerment and Capacity Building’ saw a group of 20 women come together to join in a programme of workshops and speakers. MORE

July 2003 LAGCAR spoke on the demonstration against the National Front called by Local Groups including St. Albans Unite Against Fascism, Trade Unions and LGB groups. The National Front were protesting at appointment of the homosexual cleric Canon Jeffrey John as Dean of St Albans. The National Front failed to turn up to their own protest!

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