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BNP leader Nick Griffin egged by anti-fascists

The BNP and the June 2009 Euro-elections...

The biggest electoral breakthrough for a fascist organisation in British history

On June 7th it was announced that the BNP had won two Euro seats, the biggest electoral breakthrough in the history of British fascism.

This is the first significant breakthrough by a British fascist party in a national election. Any electoral advance by the BNP encourages their supporters and enlarges the space for their racist views in the political mainstream. Winning seats in the European Parliament threatens to normalise the presence of the BNP on the political scene in a similar manner to Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National in France.

This puts pressure on other political parties to accommodate so-called legitimate concerns reflected in their vote by adapting to racism. Most brutally, it gives encouragement to the thug on the street to engage in racist, anti-Muslim, anti-semitic and homophobic violence.

2010: The biggest electoral defeat of the BNP since its electoral rise began in 2001

The BNP suffered major defeats at the 2010 general and local elections. In areas such as Barking, Stoke and Dudley, the BNP was pushed back and its vote share reduced. It lost a total of 27 councillors and only two BNP councillors standing for re-election held their seats and the party made no additional electoral gains. The campaign in the Barking constituency has important lessons for anti-fascists and the labour movement. This campaign showed that it is possible to defeat the BNP even in areas where it is strong.