Putting a stop to racism

Unfortunately, our nation has found itself coming to terms with a very real crisis sparked by conflicts happening both within our own borders and abroad.

While in no way is racism something new, sadly as long as we’ve existed as people it seems there have been those who judge a person strictly by what they can see. We are at a point when we can finally address the problem enough to perhaps put an end to the unsightly mark once and for all as a people.

It certainly stands to serve as an indication of where we are as a society when the mention of ending racism completely is looked at as nothing more than fancy notions. Given that many nations across the world struggle with the very same thing, it may be easy to see it that way as well.

Though now, more than ever, as a society we have finally begun to take those steps towards finally putting that part of history behind us and move forward as we should.

Taking the conversation to the streets

Being able to openly address and acknowledge racism as still a very real problem is the first part of finding a solution, the same goes for putting an end to the awful capacity for hatred that thrives with racism and bigoted views. Being able to openly say, that as a nation, we are certainly not as accepting as many would like to think, as hard as it is to admit, is honestly the first part of moving beyond racism.

By taking that message into a place where we can all partake and add to the dialogue, the opportunity to shine a light on an individual’s plight comes together with the chance to educate others, making for a productive movement in ending uneducated viewpoints concerning race.

Take responsibility

This can be a bit difficult to say, and certainly much harder for most people to consider, but it is important to take a hard look at yourself to see if you perpetrate attitudes of discrimination, perhaps without even intention.
Stopping the problem begins with first recognising whether or not you are adding to the solution or sadly are a part of the problem.

This can be bit difficult to do, as certainly most “normal people” would be hard pressed to think that they themselves might be racist. Given that we live in a rather accepting and diverse nation, you may find yourself thinking, “Well that’s impossible, I’m not racist, I…” and you very well might be right. Holding antiquated and uniformed assumptions of people doesn’t make you racist outright, but if you don’t take a look at some of the ideas you have or assumptions you make about others, you could find yourself unknowingly becoming the reason another person feels discriminated against.

Stand beside those who face racism

Coming together as a complete nation and standing beside each one of our neighbours is essential to finally putting an end to racism. As racist behaviour looks to divide and separate us, by coming together and standing against racist views, we not only show those that would try to discriminate against our fellow neighbour for no other reason than skin colour or perceived nationality will find no quarter in modern society, but also remind those suffering the very devastating effects of racism that they are not alone in this.

This means coming together to support those who have suffered discrimination, whether it be in the workplace, streets, or even in the government, putting forth a united front is the only way to stop those that try to divide our nation and us as human beings.

Bridge the gap

By far the most important way we can help end racism in our society is by simply reaching out and accepting everyone in our communities.

As our nation has found itself caught in the midst of one the worst humanitarian situations and migrant crisis since the last world war, taking the time to fully embrace everyone that call the UK their home, is the only to move forward as a society, or at least one that claims to be understanding and accepting of all of its citizens.

Take a moment to greet everyone you pass regardless of skin colour or take the initiative to learn more about the cultures of your neighbours, the choice is truly yours. By making an actual effort to understand and accept everyone we meet, we can help push our society towards better days.

The days when racism is nothing but an unsightly memory are still ahead of us. The actions taken and decisions we make can pave the way towards finally being able to put racism behind us., and while it certainly will be a difficult journey, it is one we must take.