Taking action against racism

We have broached the topic of recognising the reality that many people within our nation face, unfortunately one that involves discrimination simply based upon skin colour, so by now hopefully we have been able to engage and educate people enough to opening them up to the very real threat racism still presents to society.

So let’s take a moment to move past shining a light on the problem and assume that you already are quite aware of the threat and are willing to do something about it.

Deciding to stand with your neighbours against the ugliness of racism is certainly in itself a necessary step to creating a better society, but what happens once you made that decision?

While it isn’t as easy as one would think, finally acknowledging the role racism plays in everyone’s life, finding a way to go about ending it could seem even harder if you don’t know where to begin.

So before you set out on a one person journey to take on racism as you see it, let’s explore some of the very real ways you can begin to help today.

Get out there and make some noise

By far the easiest way you begin making a difference and help those that suffer from discrimination is to join them in saying that racism is no longer acceptable, and saying it loudly. So to do so, look towards groups that have already established themselves as allies of the message to ways you can make your voice known when the time comes.

By going out and joining your neighbours in protest, you tell not only the government and those who hold racist ideals that racist or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated, but also tell those suffering the indignation of racism that they are not alone in their struggle to be recognised as individual s in their own right and not simply a misconception or stereotype.

Find groups

In our modern era of connectivity it isn’t hard to find like-minded people, simply searching through social media yields numerous groups that all organise and work together to form demonstrations, so simply dig deep, find a group that aligns with the message, and show up to make your voice known.

Time is the most valuable of gifts

It may sound a bit cliché to say but truly time is the most valuable thing you can give, so give it to those that need it most. This means finding a local organisation or group that stands against racism and donate a few hours helping spread the message and raise awareness.

Whether it means passing out literature to raise awareness of current issues regarding racism, detonating money to support victims of racism find justice, or simply utilising your own unique skills to help the organisation itself, putting your time to good use and volunteering is one of the easiest, and effective ways you can help put an end to racism.

Stand as an ally

By far the most effective way, and certainly most immediate way, you could help put an end to racism is by committing to becoming a staunch ally of those that suffer the indignation of discrimination.

Though it sounds like simply saying you believe racism is unacceptable, being an ally to those that are marginalised and discriminated against means so much more. For one it is committing to looking deep within oneself to determine if you harbour any behaviours, attitudes, or tendencies that act against your belief that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of perceived nationality or pigmentation of skin. Doing so is the only way to properly move forward aligned on the right side of history.

Though looking inward and eliminating your own predispositions towards archaic thoughts about race and identity is simply the first part of becoming a true ally of the marginalised. Once you move to recognise and eliminate your own misconceptions, you can move to stand beside those that suffer from discrimination as they take the space and security they need to voice their experiences as a person.

Standing together means accepting each other, flaws and all

While certainly these actions will not bring about the complete end of racism, they are the best way to proceed as a society focused on finally moving beyond their old ways and set on embracing the future.

As it is only together that real change can be made, standing together, regardless of personal experience, nationality, skin colour, or preferred identity, to say to the nation and the world that racism will find no home in the society we hope to build.